Corporation Hall Rehabilitation


Corporation Hall was originally erected in 1867 and served as Kalamazoo’s first city hall as well as housing several fire companies. Throughout the years, the structure was home to many businesses including JC Penney, Lew Hubbard Men’s Store, the Soup Kettle and Athena Bookstore. Decades of neglect eventually left the building in serious disrepair.


Corporation Hall Rehabilitation commenced in August of 2011. The rehabilitation will include razing a portion of the building in totality, removal and replacement of both East and West facades, new roofs, a new foundation and building on the West 60 feet of the site, and completely renovated interiors. Retail suites will be completed in the lower level and first floor. Modern Urban Luxury Apartments will be constructed on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the building.


The project will strive for a LEED Certification-Gold level and will include a geo-thermal heat pump system, green roof, solar thermal heated domestic hot water, low flow water fixtures, energy efficient lighting, natural lighting solutions, reclaimed and reused site materials, outdoor living spaces for all residents, on-site covered parking for all residents, and beautifully appointed finishes throughout.


This building is slated to complete construction in November of 2012.